25 | 05 | 2022

The four conductors of tonight’s concert are selected

The jury just selected the four conductors that will perform in tonight’s Opera Round concert with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and Laurens Symphony Choir. The four selected conductors are: Joel Sandelson, Chloe Rooke, Luis Toro Araya, and Bertie Baigent. Congratulations! Watch them live from de Doelen at 19.55 CET on our YouTube or Facebook channel!

Full programme:

Joel Sandelson – selection 1
Chloe Rooke – selection 2
— Intermision —
Luis Toro Araya – selection 1
Bertie Baigent – selection 2

Selection 1
Act 1 – Ouverture / Prelude
Act 1 – Scene 4: Habanera / L’amour est un oiseau rebelle (Carmen, chorus)
Act 1 – Scene 5: Carmen, sur tes pas nous pressons (Chorus)
Act 3 – Scene 19: Melons! – Coupons (Frasquita, Mercédès, Carmen)
Act 3 – Scene 20: Quant au douanier (Frasquita, Mercédès, Carmen, le Dancaïre, le Remendado, chorus)

Selection 2
Act 1 – Scene 9: Seguidilla: Chanson et Duo – Près de remparts de Séville (Carmen & Don José)
Act 2 – Scene 11: Les tringles des sistres tintaient (Carmen, Mercédès, Frasquita)
Act 2 – Scene 14: Quintette: Nous avons en tête une affaire! (Le Dancaïre, le Remendado, Carmen, Frasquita, Mercédès)
Act 3 – Entr’acte
Act 4 – Scene 25: Les Voici until ‘Si tu m’aimes’ (chorus)

Jury: Giordano Bellincampi, Jeremy Geffen, Ara Guzelimian (chair), Sophie de Lint, Enrique Mazzola, Kim Noltemy, Ed Spanjaard, and Elmar Weingarten.


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