Competition 2022

In spring 2022 the first edition of the International Conducting Competition Rotterdam will finally take place. 165 conductors from 50 countries worldwide applied. During the selection rounds in 2021 six fantastic conductors were selected. In five rounds with different orchestras and themes, from classical to contemporary, from opera to large symphonic, the conductors show what they have to offer.
For each round you will be able to visit their rehearsal ánd concert performances to get a perfect impression of their capabilities.

26 May Proms

Sinfonia Rotterdam
Open air concert – next to Hotel New York
15:00 – 18:00

The ICCR kicks off with a free entrance open air concert. The conductors are given a free hand to put together a programme with only two conditions: there must be a personal story and it must be accessible to a wide audience

28 May Contemporary

DoelenEnsemble Tickets
Jurriaanse Hall | De Doelen
10:00 Rehearsals | 20:00 Concert

In the Contemporary Round the conductors will work with the DoelenEnsemble on highlights of the last century: Schoenberg’s Kammersymphonie, Gougalon by Unsuk Chin and Ligeti’s Kammerkonzert.

30 May Classical

Orchestra of the 18th Century Tickets
Main Hall | De Doelen
10:00 & 13:00 Rehearsals | 20:00 Concert

During the Classical Round, the conductors each present a mixed programme with a movement from Haydn’s symphony, an overture by Beethoven and a movement from Schubert’s Eighth or Ninth Symphony.

1 June Opera

Main Hall | De Doelen Tickets
10:00 Rehearsals | 20:00 Concert

The ultimate test: the conductors do not only work with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, but also with the Laurens Symphony Chorus and five singers of the International Vocal Competition. Each conductor will perform a 20-minute selection from Bizet’s masterpiece Carmen.

3 June Finals

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra Tickets
Main Hall | De Doelen
10:00 Rehearsals | 19:00 Concert & Award Ceremony

The six conductors show what they have to offer during a spectacular final concert with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. After the evening concert the prizes will be awarded by the jury.

Designated winners

Orchestras and musicians

ICCR presents a new formula, which offers the conductors the opportunity to work with diverse top orchestras. The first edition in 2022 will involve the following orchestras and musicians.


The ICCR presents a new format for the judging, in which a winner will be determined for each round. Next to these six ‘specialist awards’ also a Grand Prix will be awarded for the best all-round conductor. The international jury will consist of a fixed core of three members extended with three rotating ‘specialists’ for each round.



Proms Award – for best performance during the first round – € 7.500

Contemporary Award – for best performance during the second round – € 7.500

Classical Award – for best performance during the third round – € 7.500

Opera Award – for best performance during the fourth round – € 7.500

Symphony Award – for best performance during the fifth round – € 7.500

Grand Prix – for best overall performance – € 15.000



Kersjes Audience Award– voted on by the public – € 10.000

Designated winner prize – for those conductors who will not receive any award – € 2.500


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